Health & Safety Policy

This Health and Safety policy is drawn up in order to comply with the duty of the company Treetops De-Vegetation Services ltd, under Section 2(3) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to prepare, and, as often as may be appropriate, revise the written statement of general policy with respect to the health and safety of the employees and the organisation and arrangements for carrying out that policy.

The policy is essentially the companies plan for the health and safety of its employees at work, but it extends to non-employees who may be affected by the companies activities. The policy, organisation and arrangements contained in it set out the standard of health and safety managements expected by the company director primarily in those sectors that are directly managed, and involve its own workforce and premises. However, the company also sees the standards as a minimum requirement placed on others contracted to work on its behalf, where such standards apply to the nature of the contract.

In drawing up the policy the aim is being, and will continue to be in any subsequent revisions, to produce a document that not only satisfies the legal requirements, but also provides management with sufficient information, direction and guidance to ensure that the standards required are efficiently and effectively achieved.


Adrian Cockshott Managing director is responsible for Health and Safety, all employees and sub-contractors have a duty to follow health and safety policy at all times and need to ensure that everything is done to prevent injury to themselves and others in the work force.

The director will ensure that all employees/sub-contractors have access to the Health and Safety Policy. Each employee/sub-contractor will be given a copy of the policy before any works commence.

Risk Assessments

In accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1999 a risk assessment is carried out by Adrian Cockshott or a qualified employee before work commences.

Accidents & First Aid

First Aid boxes are located in each vehicle these are checked periodically to ensure they are fully stocked and equipped.

Accident report forms, and an accident book is also in each vehicle, in accordance with RIDDOR 1995.

Plant and Equipment

Weekly Maintenance checklists are completed before work commences on all tools/plant to be used for the days work, a record of these is maintained and held in the appropriate works vehicle.

Inspections for climbing, lifting and lowering equipment are made by qualified inspectors to meet LOLER 98 standards, these are done 6 monthly as per recommendation.

It is ensured that all employees/sub-contractors have the relevant qualifications to use the plant/machinery. A record of these qualifications are kept and maintained where necessary.

Safe Handling and use of substances

It is ensured that Medical awareness training is given in the following areas before work is commenced:

  • The use of materials hazardous to health COSHH 2002
  • Hearing loss due to exposure to constant exposure to noise levels above 85 dba
  • Hand Arm Whole Body Vibration Syndrome caused by hand held vibrating tools

Personal Protective Equipment

All staff will be required to wear the appropriate PPE relevant to the days work. This will be checked to ensure it is suitable for the tasks to be carried out.

Staff Training

Treetops De-Vegetation Services ltd ensures that all staff have had the relevant training in all areas of work, a record of which is kept. It is ensured that all staff have had adequate training in order to comply with Environmental and Health Safety Legislations. When and if new operating procedures are introduced Treetops De-Vegetation Services Limited ensure that staff receive the appropriate training.

Industry Best Practice

All work is conducted using the following AFAG (Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group) guides as the industry best practice.

AFAG 203 – Clearing saw

AFAG 204 – Flails and mulchers in tree work

AFAG 301 – Using petrol driven chainsaws

AFAG 302 – Basic chainsaw felling and manual takedown

AFAG 303 – Chainsaw snedding

AFAG 304 – Crosscutting and manual stacking

AFAG 306 – Chainsaw clearance of windblow

AFAG 307 – Chainsaw felling of large trees

AFAG 308 – Top Handles chainsaws

AFAG 310 – Use of winches in directional felling and takedown

AFAG 401 – Tree climbing operations

AFAG 402 – Ariel tree rescue

AFAG 501 – Tractor units in tree work

AFAG 502 – Extraction by skidder

AFAG 503 – Extraction by forwarder

AFAG 604 – Woodchippers

AFAG 606 – Mobile stump grinders

AFAG 702 – All terrain vehicles

AFAG 802 – Emergency planning

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